Hand Crafted SEO

Helping businesses get found for what they have to offer.

Successfully providing quality SEO services for locally run businesses through to Canada’s largest corporations.

Manual Link Building

With every link built authentically and by hand, we give Google the links that they value and will continue to find credible.

Layered Properties

Web 2.0 Links are not enough. we secure industry oriented layered and aged properties to support our client’s campaigns.

Handwritten Content

Providing Profession hand written content when building off-site online presence.  Zero automation and zero spamming.

Our Strong Reputation

Across Canada, our reputation is known for high quality manual campaigns and delivering top rank results that last.

Why companies are switching?

Because SEO automation is illegal and if those using it are not penalized today, they will be tomorrow.

With every update, Google becomes more intelligent in detecting the companies that use SEO automation tools to boost their websites for their keyword rankings.  What does Google do when they find websites that used SEO spam tactics? They either sandbox the companies to a distant page in Google, as a warning, or remove them entirely from Google’s ranked index.

What is our approach?  Completely authentic, hand crafted content, link building and authentic web properties.

We provide an all authentic, no short cut approach SEO service. This approach ensures that your performance improves today and last for tomorrow.

Our Hand Crafted SEO Tactics

High RP Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 properties are only valuable if they have high PR and industry relevance.  We provide these exclusively within all of our SEO packages.

Hand Written Content

Our content is professionally hand written with no text automation software ever used.   Absolutely no “jiberous” text in supporting anchor tag verbiage.

Aged Properties

We provide a tremendous difference with securing industry relevant and aged web properties for our clients.   Age and relevance is crucial and provides a heavy impact.

Slow Drip Indexing

When your links and content are hand crafted they still need strategic link distribution.  We provide pulsated slow drip link indexing with every campaign.

Video and Graphic Syndication

The future algorithms for search engines ranking criteria will involve Video and Graphic Syndication.  When this is enabled, we make sure you are thoroughly prepared.

Diversified Link Building

One source for all your links does not convince Google of your online relevance.  We provide diversified avenues from Yahoo Answers, Wiki’s to PR publications.

What happens once you select a Handcrafted SEO package and checkout?

Campaign Welcome Package and SEO Strategist Introduction

Your own Account Manager will introduce them-self and will prepare and provide you with your welcome campaign package within 48 hours. Your package will contain all of the following for you to track and monitor your campaign:  MOZ Onsite Reports, Support Details, Base camp login Details for Campaign, Documents that contain our monthly work and Suite Rank Tracking links.

How to get started? Just 4 well organized steps.

Step 1:  Select a Handcrafted SEO Package

We provide 4 Hand Crafted SEO packages that vary in keyword and deliverable size.   Click the Get Started link in the main menu above and select the appropriate campaign package for your business.  Click here to see our packages.

Step 2:  Add to Cart and Checkout

Once you select your package size, add it to cart and checkout.  With handcrafted SEO you can transact with us, view your work in progress and pay/track your monthly invoice all through our website.

Step 3:  Select your Keywords or let us research and choose them for you

Once you check out, you will be directed to your campaign form to let us know which keywords you would like to target and in which geographic regions.  If you don’t know, don’t worry, we can help select the best keywords for you!

Step 4:  Tell us about your industry and await your welcome email!

For the last part of the sign-up process, tell us about your business/industry, service and product description and your competitors.  Then your done! And we will have all we need to get going quickly!