About Hand Crafted SEO

Where we came from and where we are going

In the year of 2013, Hand Crafted SEO was born. Handcrafted was created because of the void that existed for non-automated, manual, search engine optimization services. The notion was that, as search engines became more intelligent, the automated search engine optimization service providers would be eliminated and Hand Crafted SEO would be leading the way.

As Google continued to release new version updates and crack down on websites that use, or previously used SEO services from companies that use automation software and spam tools, handcrafted SEO became more and more relevant for its fully authentic and hand crafted service that kept our clients ranking high, even after the Google updates.

In many respects, today, we are leading the SEO landscape but we do not take that for granted.  We are continually focused on better improving our handcrafted service and results for our clientele.  Since our client base is steadily growing, we are working to better improve their experience, always being on-time, and making sure we are providing them with the best-in-class service in the industry.

We are also continuing our efforts to give back to our team members to ensure that they know they are valued and that without them we, as a whole, wouldn’t exist.

Center of Excellence:  As a collective organization, we had identified that many of our clients would like to target a large range of 30-50 keyphrases.  At the moment, they would be required to purchase multiple packages to handle that volume of keyphrases.  As a result, Handcrafted SEO has set a date to begin constructing our Center of Excellence to handle custom large packages for our clients.

Relevance:  The more mature the internet and search engines become, the more relevant our service is.  We owe this thanks to our leadership’s long-term thinking and continued research.   To continue in what has made us successful we have set aside time weekly for our team members to learn and contribute back into our service.

Our Commitment to you

Driving forces


We are competitive with ourselves to deliver better and better quality, day-by-day.


We value professionalism and so do our clients.  On-time and do more than expect.


We enjoy helping our clients and dedicate account managers to handle your inquiries.


We continue learning and being leaders for the latest authentic based SEO service.

Our year-over year growth

We are grateful for all our clients.

Our handcrafted value is becoming well known and more acknowledged as the most formidable SEO service.

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Continuing to learn

Our continuous learning allows to stay ahead of the curve

In an ever changing environment, to stay relevant you must dedicate yourself regularly to continuous learning and better improvement.  At Hand Crafted SEO, we encourage and dedicated time for our members to learn something new and be creative so that we can better refine and contribute back into our hand crafted SEO Service.

Feel free to browse through our blog and keep up-to-date with some of the search engine optimization topics we feel are important to share.

Our Point of View

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