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Bouncing Mobile Users to Unwanted Websites Will Make Google Bounce Your Online Market

By December 24, 2015 Industry News

Disingenuously harming a mobile user’s experience will come with a heavy cost thanks to Google’s new and improved efforts.

Although webmasters should be aware of the online fair play guidelines posted by Google and affiliates, the pattern executed in boosting web relevance through crooked conduct is a frequent occurrence. And so the difference between these decision makers knowing and being oblivious with what they are either directly or indirectly doing will be insignificant when it comes to the penalties that will follow. You should know by now. And if you do, in fact, know then acting like you don’t won’t save you much grief, if any.

Mobile redirect networks with misleading motives are one of, unfortunately, many eyesores when viewing the digital world of today. Before closing your eyes and drawing a collective shudder with the rest of the readers, recalling how many times this frustrating situation has occurred in the past – many instances being at such an inopportune moment within your daily schedule or during a well-deserved break – remember that there is also a collective movement constantly reinvigorating its efforts towards stopping such nonsense. Whew. Well, that is honestly a huge relief for us all.

One of the Google hangouts that shed much light on the bounce effect happened only a month and a bit ago with a group of four influential SEO experts: Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Ireland; Ammon Johns, Online Marketing and SEO Pioneer; Bill Slawski, Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital; Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools. These shrewd individuals are more than capable of cracking down on the foolish who think their erroneous ways will continue to make revenue off of the hardship of others; fat chance, fat cats.

Lipattsev alluded to the fact that his team is specifically spending time, energy and budget in finding these culprits and inflicting the consequences of their premeditated actions. Now marks the time for illegitimate entrepreneurs to quit bouncing the patience of mobile users. That is the only viable option, since should they continue with manipulation, they’ll have to come to terms with their marketing efforts being bounced to oblivion.

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