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Why is the manual, handcrafted way, better?

If things are not manual, they are automated. In many industries, automation has evolved and excelled business operations, however, with SEO that is just the opposite.  Not long ago, automation software for SEO, although illegal, provided results and  a quick fix tactic to rank websites, but know, as Google has evolved and updated, those companies that used automation are, or will soon pay dearly.

Search engines like Google look for authenticity and reward it. On the other hand Google rejects spam and automation and penalized those that knowingly or unknowingly use it. As a result, as Google becomes more “intelligent” they will continue to pick up on the website that use automation for their campaigns and either drops their website rank to a distant page it Google or, deletes their website forever.

With Hand Crafted SEO, you receive purely manual “HandCrafted” services that are authentic and one-by-one. This increases your off-site SEO quality tremendously and just as important, it is not using an automation software as the off site builds are done autheically by Professional Content Writers.

Who is most likely to use our service?

We have found that our most common type of clients are those that understand SEO strategy, appreciate quality and have already purchased SEO services in the past with another company.

We understand that many times, our service may need an explanation to be able to understand the difference in our quality versus the average SEO Company.  As a result, we now find that many experienced companies are now looking for “handcrafted” SEO companies to ensure their websites long term integrity with search engine ranking.

How can we get started today?

Our business operates on a online subscription basis  where you can purchase a package through our website and go month-to-month.   When you sign-up you will be required to pay by credit card and can cancel or upgrade/downgrade your package anytime within your account.

Once you get signed-up we will introduce you to your Dedicated Account Manager and he or she will send you your campaign form with some questions like your keyword list, domain and region so that we can get started!  Click here to see our SEO H.C Packages

Do you provide guarantees?

HandCrafted SEO provides guarantee’s, relating to our package and the efforts we list out and promise, however, we do not provide a ‘ranking guarantee’.  It is our belief that companies that provide ranking guarantees are not “professional” SEO companies, as you simply cannot control all variables in this industry or, your competitors efforts.

With a HandCrafted SEO Package, every month, you will receive the full list of activities completed for your reference that aligns with you SEO package Deliverables.  That is our client guarantee.

Which one of our packages is best for you?

The answer is dependent on your business goal or objective and what your current capacity is.  For example, if you are looking for our best valued SEO package and want to take market control of your keywords while also having the budget, then our Authority Site SEO Package is made for you.  However, if you are starting out and don’t know what to expect and would like to test the waters first, then perhaps you should begin with the Basic or Standard Package.

My Account Details

If you are an existing customer, you can find all your billing/account detail in your H.C account that you created after signing-up.  To visit your account Click Here and login.

Is Automation effective? Why shouldn’t it be used?

There was a time when automation, although unethical, was effective for improving search engine keyword ranking.  However, it is/was short term thinking, being that as Google becomes more “intelligent” it will pick up on previously used automated efforts and penalize the website for them.
If your SEO company is using automated efforts with a spam tool that is not yet detected by Google, chances are in the coming months/years it will be and your website ranking will suffer.

How are H.C. different?

As many SEO companies use the “current tool” for SEO automation, to assist with their campaigns, HandCrafted SEO is different because we provide a no-short-cut, manual, “HandCrafted” tactical approach with our service.

Because we do NOT use automation, we provide high quality, authentic and manual built links with professional content writing which will be “timeless” as Google will continue to value authentic, manual and accurate efforts.  As time goes by, for the other SEO companies, Google will pick up on their previously used tactics and negatively affect those websites by either eliminating them from Google or pushing them to a far distant page.

Google has penalized my site, can this be recovered?

We have companies that have come to us, from another SEO service provider, after their website was penalized for using SEO Spam/Automation.  For those that have signed-up with us, although it took considerable effort, we have been able to re-improve their position with our manual handcrafted tactics.

Do we provide our services to the United States?

HandCrafted SEO does in fact provide our services to U.S. companies.  If you are a U.S client, once you sign-up, we will send you your client campaign form to complete and within that campaign we will ask you to specify which Google region you would like us to specifically target (Ex. Google Canada, Google US. etc).

Can I cancel my Handcrafted SEO package subscription at any time?

You can cancel your H.C. SEO Package at any time.   We are sure you will be impressed with our service and as a result expect you to stay.  No long-term commitments are made with us to hold you in contract.

Where can I find my invoice?

If you are an existing H.C. client and are looking for your invoice details, or anything billing related to your Hand Crafted account, please login to your H.C. account by Clicking Here, or by clicking the “My Account” link at the top of the page.