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Black Hats Beware: Penguin and The Gang Are Coming for You

By January 7, 2016 Industry News

Google’s much-anticipated Penguin 4.0 Software due for release in early 2016.

You better not spam, you better not lie, you better not false link, I’m tellin’ you why… Penguin, punk, is comin’ to town!

Not now, but very soon. Or at least that’s what the folks from Google are telling us. Apparently, the real-time-updating Penguin 4.0 software is due for the new year and should be on virtual shelves by sometime January of 2016.

And this is great news for legitimate SEOs or entrepreneurs seeking the services of known professional digital strategists. It really is. Consider the fact that your well-executed investment will reap its proper benefits and be valued fairly within the competitive market of SERPs and actual online purchase orders. It’s as equally great for those online consumers who are going to feel less and less friction from fraudulent activity that disguises itself as the wants and or needs expressed by these digital individuals.

Black hats continue to be ever-increasingly highlighted and effectively removed with the Google Jungle continuing to grow and learn by the second and bit. Fool it once…? Maybe. Twice? Wouldn’t count on it. A prime example would be SAPE, the underground link network that just recently was slapped with a second penalty from Google’s online moral muscle as it already incurred one only a couple of years ago. And those black hatters that followed this illegitimate enterprise have justifiably seen their website rankings fall accordingly. Good riddance.

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